"Ode to Fossil Fuel" Copyright (c) 2000 Azar Attura.
  (A song about Love's Labors Loused)

"Didn't  I  tell ya to make dose Sunday Brunch reservations??? Eh??!! "
Copyright (c) 2000 Azar Attura.
Call ahead, to avert disasters!
With apologies to Lerner and Lowe (and Rogers & Hammerstein, too?)
"Get Me Into Bed on Time" (aka:"I Hate to Get Up in the Morning")
"And They Call Me a Cockeyed Octopus"
"There's No Fishes Like Gold Fishes"
(I sat in my office cubicle one dull & boring day, creating
these songs -- they thought I wuz working at my desk....)
(Wacky words Copyright (c) 1990 Azar Attura)
With apologies to the melodies in "Carmen", "La Donna e Mobile", and "It was Fascination".

THREE Dysfunctional Operatic Songs Sung by Ace

Wacky Words & all the rest of this verbiage Copyright (c) 1998 Azar Attura

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"You Are My Heart's Delight"  an A-Capella Doo-Wop song.
Words AND Music Copyright (c) 2000 Azar Attura

I swear, I woke up one morning with one of the cats on my chest, and I started singing this love song to her.  Then I got up and wrote the rest of the song in the kitchen (We wuz hungry).
"Ode to Bronx Cuisine"
(Sung to the tune of "These are a Few of My Favorite Things")
A Deeelicious song of select Bronx Comestibles!!!
Words Copyright (c) 2000 Azar Attura
"Clean up Your Room!!!!
(Sung to the tune of an obscure Thelonius Monk arrangement -- the name of which I will find and post on this page)

This is a persuasive, succinct suffering plea of a parent, set to a syncopated jazz beat -- telling a kid to "clean up your room!!!"

Words Copyright (c) 2001 Azar Attura

Ya know -- DIS REALLY BREAKS MY HEART !!!!!  All the time (and fun!) I spent singing these songs for your edification or mortification -- and there's no longer any support for them!!!  Oh well, bear with me.  I will have to record them on a CD and then download them, as time permits.

Meanwhile-- CLICK on the buttons below and read the woids to dese songs!!
Or -- if you see me, ask me to sing them for you!!!!
"The Day-Old Pastry Song"
(With apologies to Harry Belafonte!!)
Oy! How many times have I counted my spare change and walked into the local Bistro -- hoping that there would be some day-old pastry choices (not dessicated,  but somewhat moist and life-like!) that I could consume at half the price!!
Words Copyright (c) 2001 Azar Attura