"300 House"
Hand-toned and colored. Alas, the house is no more
Photographs and Artwork by Azar Attura
Copyright @ AZ-ART (Azar Attura)
Beautiful Rockefeller Center at Christmas
A storefront with Character - Old Towne, Alexandria, VA
Stanley Steamer Horn
a huge gold horn with an equally huge rubber squeeze bulb on the fender
First Day of Issue - 25th Anniversary Moon Walk Commemorative Stamp (and envelope painted to match the theme)
Reproduction of an Original Watercolor
This is on a #9 envelope, a collector's first choice
First Day of Issue - 25th Anniversary Moon Walk Commemorative Stamp
Stamp and envelope painted to match the theme
(Reproduction of an Original Watercolor)
This is a #10 envelope - most collectors prefer # 9's but the cancellation looks better on this envelope
More photos and artwork will be posted soon.
All work is for sale
For more information:
email me
"Whistlestop - a Color Photo Posterization
The venerable old steam locomotive slowly chuffs its way out the station, on its way to greet the blazing Fall foliage in the mountains.
"The Two Moods Of Princess"
Adopt a Shelter Pet Today
Please remember, a pet is a commitment.
"Two Bikers "
  Baby Twinkle, and Friend (me)
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"First Day of Issue" Cancellation &  hand-painted cover
on #9 envelope, for:
500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus (US Stamps, issued 1992)
There is also a 100 year old stamp (foreign) cancelled along with these US stamps.
(This is permissible in some cases)

For more info on stamps and stamp-collecting, go to http://www.linns.com
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"Nerds Descending a Staircase!" at the Museum of Bad Art (Boston)
"Nerds Descending a Staircase"
(With apologies to Marcel Duchamp)
Approx 20" X 30"
Acrylic and Collage
by Azar "Ace" Attura
$1,000.00 (Plus Shipping)

This masterpiece was displayed at the 
Museum of Bad Art
Is this...a bush-baby???
No... it's Cee Cee kitty!!!
She came up to me in the rain. CLICK on her photos to read more about her:
Look at that tail !! >>>
She likes to play with it.
She's VERY affectionate!
I'm so glad that I rescued her from the streets!!!
Cee Cee, sitting primly
CLICK HERE to Visit Alley Cat Allies to find out how you can make a Positive difference in a lost and lonely street kitty's life!!!!

We resonate with ALL of creation and our responsibility in life is to give REAL compassionate love to all of this world and its citizens!!
Visit Princess on Catster.com
Visit Baby Twinkle on Catster.com
Visit Cee Cee on Catster.com
Click on the photo to go to the Washington DC PANDAMANIA!! Web Site

(This is a COLLAGE -- these four cats were NOT present when this photo was taken --  NONE OF THE CATS were put in harms way!!!)

Photo by Azar Attura:
First Prize Winner in  the "Most Creative" Division of the "Pandamania" Photo Contest, Washington DC sponsored by Fuji Film

Part of the prize was a tour of the National Zoo with an in-depth talk with a Panda Expert -- the baby panda had recently been born, so we couldn't go behind the scenes, but it was a GREAT tour.  Thank you DCAC, Fuji and FONZ!!!
Click on the photograph above, to go to the Washington DC PANDAMANIA web site!
Puddy, the Gentle Cat that No One wanted.
Puddy -- the "wild" cat that no one wanted. She was the most gentle, sweet soul.

I wanted to take her to live upstairs with us -- Mom always said "NO!"

So Puddy spent months and months living outsife, on the stoop -- in all kinds of bitter cold NY winters and hot hot summers.  Then one day she was gone forever. Click on her picture to read about her on Catster.com
Buttons, walking on a Leash!
An old, cracked photo is all I have left of Buttons, the cutest little orange and white tabby kitten who was mine for all of  3 days. Mom and I bought her/him for a quarter at the Fordham Road Pet Store in 1959. What a lively happy little kitten!

Mom said she was allergic and Buttons had to be returned  to the Pet Shop. That was the LONGEST saaddest walk I ever took in my whole life. I was 12 years old.

Was Mom really allergic to Buttons? Or was she having a reaction to the noxious still-wet silver pain that was drying on our 4 newly painted radiators in the apartment???

Buttons, I hope that whoever took you into their home from that pet shop, treated you kindly and gave you a good life. We coulda been great buddies --  I still miss you.

Click on photo for Buttons' Catster Page
"Gender Mosaic" Acrylic Painting by AZ-ART
by "AZ-ART" - Azar Attura
38" X 48"
$7,500.00 plus shipping

(Framed with Framing Strips -- will most likely need to be re-framed by Purchaser)