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Azar "Ace" Attura grew up in the Bronx, NY, in the era of:

1) Cars with FINS

2) Doo-WopCuzin Brucie
     Dan Ingram 

3) Casey Stengel's 
     New York Yankees

4) 15 cent Hamburgers

5) Egg  Creams

6) Metal Roller skates with         skate keys, and slinkies

7) RingoleavioScully,              StickballStoopball
          and more!! (Sen - Sen!)

Watch their antics - NY City Subway Surveillance Camera Players!!


Most (non-Bronx) people don't understand (and usually deride) our experiences as kids growing up in the Bronx.  If I had to do it all over again,  I WOULD do it all over again, and with very few changes!

Did you live and grow up in the Bronx, too? 
Go to The Bronx Board
to meet old and new friends and neighbors!!

My life and dreams are revisited here in my writings, which are a combination of  the past, the present, and glimpses of  imagination caused by sometimes walking around,  half-asleep.
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White Castle, of Course!
Egg Cream Recipes!
Go to the SLINKY Web Site!
"The Music and the Mothers in My Life - Growing Up in the Bronx - 1946 - 1961"
Loving Tributes to a Beloved Cat  Who Died Before Her Time....
"Freight Train Lullaby", "Walking towards the Daily Grind with Eyes Half-Shut" AND Other Poems
A poetic tribute to a tempramental and high-class British Sports Car- an ELVA Courier
A Web Book about Da Goldfish Gang, and about Goldfish Care
What to see, where to go, in New York City !
Mesgaes From the Other Side????
Art, Crafts, Buttons and Photography by Azar "Ace" Attura (T/A "AZ-ART")
"Miss, Moostache, the Debutante Goldfish"
Ace and Beloved PeeWee in Da Bronx, 1960
Ace, DelRay Beach (Thanx, Marsha, for taking this piksha!) CLICK on this photo to see "bACEball Glove"!
         ACE'S   PAGES 
Ace is a Distributor for Nature's Sunshine Herbal Products
Helpful Household Hints for Lazy People
Low Cost Spay-Neuter; No-Kill Links and Other Vital Information on Pet Care and Animal Rescue
Living in an abusive home, as a child -- and overcoming the damage, as an adult.
Mangia Mangia!!! Eat Eat!! Baklava! Strufoli! Recipes and stories Galore!
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Visit a great web site put together by Bob and Carol Connolly!
Ace's stable of fine cars and fine memories
Home SWEET Home - 615 Pelham Parkway, Bronx, with permission to use photo by Irma Livigni
      Does this photo bring back memories?
Visit Irma's GREAT Bronx Web Site!!
Ace&PeeWee kitty (above). Where we lived (below)
I can almost hear Nonna calling to me....
615Pelham Parkway, Bronx (3rd floor windows, right)
Ace's personal renditions of Way-Off Broadway and Fractured Opera - You need a PASSWORD to get on here
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Remember "Evening in Paris" Cologne?
"Evening in Paris" Cologne
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Horse Rescue and Animal Rescue Links
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* and -   MORE

Ace, Del Ray Beach,  
Feb 2000
Click on photo to see
"bACEball Glove"
Remember those days in the Bronx when we were young and life was like a wonderful dream!
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Bronx Time, 
Bronx Weather
Horn and Hardart
Chock Full O' Nuts!
Let's meet at the Automat!!
Click on the cat for Animal Shelters
Click on the cat, read - "Animal Shelters"
Women's Boxing
NYCity's Video Cam Performance Troupe!! WACKY!!
    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: only the HUMANS were kicked out of Paradise/Eden.   Be kind to animals, for you never know when you might be "entertaining Angels unawares."
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Coney Island 1961
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Web sites I created for - "The Council on National Literatures", and "The Pirandello Society of America"
These people who rescue pets from the "mean streets" need all the loving compassionate help they can get!
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