Welcome to my Nature's Sunshine Page !
(Ace is a Nature's Sunshine Herbal Products Distributor, and uses these products too.)

I believe that the people behind Nature's Sunshine Products are committed to the purity and potency of all of their products.  This is a people-run organization that cares about the health and well-being of its distributors and customers alike.

The reasonable prices, and the high-quality of ingredients do more than just please the purse -- they will always be cheaper than most medications, and I believe that they surpass medication in the way they nourish the system (which prescription medicine usually does not do) as well as help to heal it.

For more than 30 years, I have been on a casual regimen of herbs, vitamins and nutrition.   (However, I DO believe that "a little junk food is good for the soul").

I also believe in giving my cats (and even my goldfish) the same nutritional benefits by giving them recommended vitamins, herbs and food (remember, cats and dogs process nutrients differently, and what's good for a dog can sometimes KILL a cat!).  A great book for cats is The New Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier. Inexpensive and worth its weight in gold, you can find this book and others on BarnesandNoble.com , Borders.com, Amazon.com.

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This web page will not be devoted only to Nature's Sunshine products.  No one needs to buy or believe anything here --  I don't have any quotas (or converts!) to make.  I just want to pass on my experience and interesting bits of herbal or nutritional information.

When this page is fully up and running, you will find articles (some of which are based on personal experience) on nutritional info that may be of help to you.
(Remember, I'm not a doctor -- these are just my observations, and / or links to other web sites)
A great Nutritional resource page on the Internet
Here are some great  Nutrition,  Vitamin  and  Herbal  Information Websites  --  some have their own "Search" Section
Here are some lists of  GREAT BOOKS to read!!
My MOST favorite nutrition and health websites:

http://www.healthwell.com -- I HIGHLY recommend this website!! It has a GREAT search engine and informative articles -  Do a "Search" on any Health or Nutrition questions you may have, and it will give you lists of articles pertaining to your question(s)

http://www.vitaminshoppe.com -- Great selection of vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, herbal tincturesa, books, soaps, etc.  This website  has an online and a paper catalog -- sells ALL kinds of brand name nutritional supplements and more -- with very good prices and SUBSTANTIAL discounts. They also have retail stores.  I've been shopping with them for more than ten years.

http://www.dirah.demon.nl/ayurveda.htm - "What is Ayurveda"  An interesting website explaining Eastern Indian Health practices.

http://www.dirah.demon.nl/ayurveda.htm - "Ayurveda and Astronomy" takes this practice a bit further. Also covers the basic concepts of Ayurveda.

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