The following is a copy of an e-mail I sent to a woman who had to sell her horse in order to support her Mom and her family, and then discovered that the horse was not being well-treated at his new home.  She was beside herself with sorrow.

Luckily, because of one of the Horse Rescue sources listed below, she was able to find a much better place for her horse!

"Dear friend -- Please go to the links listed below, to find a place that can foster and properly care for the health and well-being of your beloved horse until you can reclaim him -- He is your beloved soul-mate and deserves much better than what he is going through right now.  Do you realize he may even have untreated parasites and can succumb to other horse diseases???

Please get in touch with these people below, and even then, make sure they REALLY are committed to properly caring for your horse.  In fact, since these horse rescue leagues are located all over the place, there might be one close enough to you so that you CAN visit your horse and also  "foster" him with a few dollars a month; and if you want him back, you must tell these foster folks, so they know you are sincere about his welfare and they won't adopt him off to some stranger.  For the sake of your horse's well-being, grit your teeth and work ferociously for a better life for him!!  Even if you decide to put off college for a while until things get better for your horse -- he is a living being, an angel in his own right, and you would be doing the right thing for him to rescue him from that situation!!

The other titles below that you see that are not listed as web pages,  actually do have web pages -- just go to YAHOO or other Web Search engine, and search by/for the titles below.

Please keep your personal safety in mind at all times, but do the best you can for your beloved horse and his personal health and safety, too and keep me informed! I wish you and your horse much peace and happiness."

The lists are:

MAJOR sources of links on Yahoo -- and there are many more!! Please check them out carefully

Equine Rescue in Ethiopia -- devoted loving volunteers  - providing quality care (one volunteer is a veterinarian) 
                                                                               - helping to educate horse-owners and
                                                                               - helping eradicate animal cruelty there.

The Equine Rescue League
P.O. Box 4366 Dept. W
Leesburg, Virginia 20177

Some of this may be too graphic for some viewers -- it depicts the Horse Slaughter Industry

Other Horse Rescue Web Sites

Here is a small sampling of what you will find in those links listed above -- Horse Rescue Organizations NATIONWIDE!!

Days End Farm Horse Rescue - promotes public awareness of the dramatic prevalence of horse abuse and neglect in Maryland.

Colorado Horse Rescue

Lucky Star Stables Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation - Harvey's Lake, PA - features a photo album of rescued horses and ponies.

Mountain States Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation - non-profit, all volunteer Colorado foundation dedicated to providing shelter, care, medical care, and options to domestic and wild horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, burros and other livestock.

Phoenix Equine Foundation - horse rescue and rehabilitation organization based in Northern California. A National Heritage Foundation.

HiHopes Horse Haven - New York - horse rescue giving a home to horses that are neglected, abused, or homeless. Information and references on adoptions, horse slaughter, and premarin foals.

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