Life's joys were so simple back then.

Tanned and gloriously tired after a day at Coney Island.

"Photos - 4 for 25 cents"

Hey sis -- lend me a quarter! Let's go into the booth!! Silly yells, raucous giggles, arms and legs flailing around as we jockeyed for position on that little stool. This is the only picture I have left from that day in 1961.  My poor aunt and patient uncle -- we dragged them all over the place that day!!

I think my hat cost auntie 50 cents or a dollar.

I can still hear the music in the background, smell the salty surf, the lemons, the frnch fries, the yell of the crowd.

Well, maybe life wasn't THAT simple back then.

I also remember me and sis being shocked (not easy for us!) at seeing these 6 or 7  year-old kids standing around on the boardwalk,  lighting up, and cursing a blue streak (of course we KNEW most of those words.....).

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Ace (15) hams it up for the  5&10 cent store photo booth.
Coney Island, 1961