Ace (viewer's left) and friend at 10-S bus stop, 1966.
Glebe Road heading North is  in the background.
To viewer's right - Carrier's Drug Store.

On the side of Carrier's building, just beyond those bags of mulch, was once the entrance to the Arlington Library in 1954 (up until 1962???)

A portion of the bus stop's concrete and wood waiting-bench
can be seen to the viewer's right.  That bench stayed there until 2004. 
Down the same road a bit (Glebe Road going north) I think there is still
another concrete and wood bench, still standing.

I saw my first Mustang in 1964, going South on the other side of where this picture was taken, on Glebe Road, driven by a lady who, to my surprise,
was not even smiling at her good fortune !!!!

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